3 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid When Using Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise

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3 Horrible Mistakes to Avoid When Using Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise

Most of the enterprise e-commerce platforms provide better services to allow all retailers to create a professional online store. In this era, a store should not be an option. It is a must-have requirement of an online business. Hence, you need to use a reliable platform that will enable you to run your business successful. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise will assure to boost your business growth. However, some mistake can make you run a business of less income. Here are the mistakes to avoid:

Choosing an enterprise e-commerce platform that does not align with your budget

Shopify plus and Magento enterprise vary regarding pricing. The Magento enterprise comes with higher pricing as compared to Shopify plus. It charges an amount of $ 20,000 per year. You will also add some cost due to the demand for advanced features. For the Shopify plus, there is a fixed amount of $ 2,000 which covers the licensing and support fee. In this essence, before you decide on the platform to use, you need to define your budget. With this, you will easily select a platform that will match it.

Failing to enhance the customers’ experience

Millions of retailers make this mistake which leads to low income. As you know, customers are vital in all the successful businesses. The same case applies to the e-commerce business. Without the buyers, your business cannot grow. It is for this reason why you need to care for their needs and provide better services. However, many retailers believe that because Shopify plus and Magento enterprise come with great features to enhance the customers’ experience, there is no need to provide better services. As a retailer, if you want to drive traffic and earn more sales, you need to enhance security on your online store. With this, customers will make safe purchases. Also, you need to customize the check-out process to allow customers to make quick purchases.

Putting less effort on marketing

Marketing is a process that will make you earn millions of customers. It will allow you to reach potential buyers and tell them more about your products. But many retailers view it as of less importance because they have marketing tools. Remember, you have to convey a message about your products. You can achieve this by uploading high-quality images, video, as well as content to send the message. Because millions of customers love watching video clips than reading the content, you will pass a message to many.

Also, you can perform email marketing by sending coupon codes to your customers and informing them of a new product in your store. With this, you will drive traffic.

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